Why Should You Use A Water Delivery Service For Your Office?

Do you run an office and have one or more water dispensers inside the building? People who come in and out of the building may regularly use these dispensers when they want to have something to drink. If you want to have plenty of water to offer at all times, you can depend on a delivery service company to bring the water to your office with ease. Get Gallons of Water Delivered at a Time Read More 

4 Tips For Success With Your Coffee Cart

Most people love their coffee in the morning, and as such, there are plenty of clients to be had if you start your own coffee cart business. However, there are also other coffee shops and coffee carts to compete with, so you need to be conscious of finding ways to make yours stand out. Here are some ways to set your coffee cart apart and find success. 1. Buy single-origin beans. Read More 

5 Food Handling And Safety Tips Food Handlers Need To Know

If you're studying to get your food handlers permit, there is certain information about food safety that you need to know. Here are five food safety tips for food handlers: 1. Keep food out of the danger zone You must keep food out of what's known as the "danger zone". The danger zone is a temperature range of 40-140 degrees. Food should not be kept in this zone longer than two hours or you risk food-borne illnesses. Read More 

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Craft Beer

You might be dissatisfied with the taste of the beers you've been drinking recently. They might not have enough flavor or there is just something that seems off. If you're dissatisfied with beer or simply bored, your next stop might be to a craft brewery. Craft breweries spend more time selecting individual ingredients to improve the flavor. But if you really want to enjoy craft beer, you should learn how to properly taste beer so you can get its full effect. Read More 

How To Update Your Restaurant Menu

Changing your restaurant menu can be a great way to reconnect with your customers and provide them with new reasons for visiting your restaurant. It can also help you to cut your operating costs by reevaluating the true price of each dish to your business. Here are some tips for successfully updating your business's menu. Follow the Trends Updating your menu can be a great time to clear out items that are no longer hot and replace them with trendy items. Read More