4 Tips For Success With Your Coffee Cart

Most people love their coffee in the morning, and as such, there are plenty of clients to be had if you start your own coffee cart business. However, there are also other coffee shops and coffee carts to compete with, so you need to be conscious of finding ways to make yours stand out. Here are some ways to set your coffee cart apart and find success.

1. Buy single-origin beans.

These days, more and more people are becoming coffee connoisseurs. They are not happy simply drinking generic coffee from the grocery store. Instead, they want single-origin beans. Shop around for some interesting coffees from Guatemala, Brazil, or Argentina. Stock three or four different coffees at any time, and always advertise where your coffees are from. Customers will enjoy trying coffee from different regions, which will make your coffee carts a bit of a novelty.

2. Invest in an espresso maker.

Rather than just serving drip coffee, invest in an espresso maker. This way, you can serve espresso, Americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and other espresso-based beverages, rather than just plain coffee. This adds variety to your menu and also makes your offerings more high-end. There are compact espresso makers available that will fit in a coffee cart setup better than standard espresso makers.

3. Let customers add their own mix-ins.

There's just something special about being able to add your own sugar, cream, and other mix-ins to coffee. Rather than adding these for customers, set up a little station -- perhaps next to the cart -- where they can add their own mix-ins. Make sure you stock the standard options, but also offer a few more off-beat additives like agave syrup, brown sugar, and almond milk.

4. Advertise.

Coffee cart owners often rely on people just passing by and seeing their business. This is definitely a way that you will find a lot of customers, but you need to advertise, too. Post ads on social media and in local newspapers. People may be willing to slightly change the route they take to work in order to pass by your coffee cart and try your coffee. These are customers you would not have come across otherwise. 

Once you have the right coffee and equipment in place, a coffee cart is relatively easy to manage. Keep adding new items to the menu to keep customers interested and curious, and you should find success. If you have any further questions about how to create a successful coffee cart business, you can always contact a mobile coffee catering business such as Executive Perks Coffee Catering.