How To Get The Most Out Of Your Craft Beer

You might be dissatisfied with the taste of the beers you've been drinking recently. They might not have enough flavor or there is just something that seems off. If you're dissatisfied with beer or simply bored, your next stop might be to a craft brewery. Craft breweries spend more time selecting individual ingredients to improve the flavor. But if you really want to enjoy craft beer, you should learn how to properly taste beer so you can get its full effect.

Drink The Beer At The Correct Temperature

You might want an ice cold beer, but keep in mind that the cold will inhibit your ability to taste the beer properly. Very cold beers numb the taste receptors and can cause you to lose the nuances in the flavor. However, there are some craft beers that do have more flavor when they're chilled, so you will want to go to a craft brewery that really knows their product and can provide a temperature recommendation.

Use The Right Glass

The glass the beer is served in affects the flavor. Some glasses allow a beer to breathe and will also help keep the beer colder for longer. However, if you want your beer to be warmer, the glass matters less.

Start With Milder Beers

If you are going to drink several types of beers, have the sweeter, milder beers first. Then, work your way toward the bitter beers in the end. If you stimulate your tongue too much, you will be less able to taste the stronger beers toward the end. Also, if you drink the lighter beers toward the end, you will miss out on a lot of the subtle flavors.

Don't Smoke And Be Careful What You Eat

By quitting smoking or by not smoking before drinking, you can avoid altering the flavor of the beer, allowing you to enjoy the subtle nuances. Also, if you avoid salty or greasy foods, that will also allow you to taste the beer better. However, it is important to eat because you will be less tipsy and will be better able to appreciate the flavor of the beer.

The best beers are those that do not have distractions and that do not have rough flavors. The brewer should have a specific idea of how the beer should taste and execute it well. Ask the brewery about how the beer is supposed to taste. If you can taste what you are intended to taste, you've found a brewery you should consider patronizing regularly. If you're interested in learning more, check out companies like the Hoboken Beer & Soda Outlet.