How To Update Your Restaurant Menu

Changing your restaurant menu can be a great way to reconnect with your customers and provide them with new reasons for visiting your restaurant. It can also help you to cut your operating costs by reevaluating the true price of each dish to your business. Here are some tips for successfully updating your business's menu.

Follow the Trends

Updating your menu can be a great time to clear out items that are no longer hot and replace them with trendy items. Before you decide on new dishes, visit other restaurants in your area and try to figure out which dishes are selling the best. You may want to replace your worst selling dishes with the best selling ideas of your competition.

Consider the Inventory Costs

When you're trying to create a new menu, it's important to consider how you can keep your ingredient costs low. You may consider cutting items that require many special ingredients and replacing them with items that fit more closely to your current inventory. If you do need to price new items for your menu, try to use dishes that only incorporate 1-2 new ingredients per dish.

Another way to consider your inventory is to decide whether your most costly dishes are worth it. Are they bringing in considerably higher revenue in proportion to the cost of ingredients and preparation? A food service management contractor can help you evaluate profitability for each dish.

Use Marketing to Generate Interest

You can make a menu change work to your advantage on a few levels. You may want to let customers know that you're phasing out certain items to bring your patrons in for one last meal. At the same time, you need to create some excitement around your new menu items. Samples, special coupons and discounts, and a debut night for new dishes can help you draw in many of your best customers to try your newest dishes.

Use a Professional Food Management Service

Pulling off a successful menu update can take some tact; you'll need to keep your customers happy as you phase out old items, do some marketing to promote new items, and manage a change in inventory to prepare your new menu ingredients. During this type of transition, it's a great idea to bring in a food service management team to manage the details. This way, you can keep your daily operations flowing smoothly as the changes take place. You'll get the added benefit of having an expert to consult on how to complete your menu change.