Options For Processing Your Wild Game

If you are an avid hunter, you know that bringing down your game is only the first part of the hunting process. After you leave the hunting grounds, your game will need to be properly processed. There are several different options for processing your game. The following is a list of ideas to help you decide the best game processing option for you:

Game processing kit from an outdoor shop

All of your outdoor and hunting shops are likely to offer a kit with everything you need to clean a variety of game. A typical kit will come with several different knives, a knife sharpener, a tool for spreading ribs, a bone saw, and tools for carving. These kinds of kits are fantastic for hunters who prefer to process their own meat and hunt many kinds of game.

Taking your game to a processing plant

Your game will be clearly marked so it's not mixed up with the game of other hunters. The plant workers will skin your game and make it into the precise cuts that you desire. The process time will depend on the type of cuts that you order. You can have your game ground so that it can be made into patties, or ground and made into sausage, or you can just stick to steaks, breasts, and brisket. Some processing plants will even smoke your meat for you. A processing plant like Custom Butcher & Smokehouse is a great time saver since you can just drop off the game without any preparation.

Build your own kit

If you only hunt one kind of animal, you may want to customize your own kit. Some items that you may want to include are a knife for skinning, a carving fork, a brisket spreader, a bone saw, and disposable gloves. Put all of these items together in a durable case with a handle. Don't forget to get your tools sharpened at the start of every season.

You can clean and dress your own animal and still have the option of taking the meat to a plant to be made into sausage, to be ground, to be made into bacon, or to be smoked.

If you want to go fully DIY, you can get a book on different kinds of meat cuts, and you can buy a meat grinder for your home.


Some taxidermists also take orders for game processing. This is a great option if you want to make part of the animal into a trophy but you would like to process the rest of it.