Troubleshooting The Automatic Conveyor On Your Bakery Donut Fryer

If you are like a lot of bakery owners, the donut fryer you have boasts an automatic conveyor system that continuously pushes screens of donuts into the hot oil for frying, which makes the process of preparing dozens of donuts every morning much easier to handle. Even though this is a convenient feature, the donut conveyor is bound to have a few issues from time to time. Here are a few of the most common issues that can come up with the conveyor on your commercial donut fryer. 

Problem: The conveyor is making screeching noises as it turns to push screens toward the fryer. 

Cause and Solution: This is a common problem with a fairly easy fix. If you are getting screeching noises once the conveyor is powered on and the chain starts to move, it is likely caused by buildup and debris in the track of the moving chain. You should remove the chain and clean it thoroughly to remove the buildup and thoroughly lubricate the entire track. 

Problem: The chain-drive is not moving at all and there are no sounds coming from the motor. 

Cause and Solution: In the event that you flip on the power and get no movement from the chain-drive and the motor is completely quiet, this is a sign that the drive motor has failed in the conveyor. Check to make sure you have not lost electrical power. If the motor seems to be completely stalled, you will have to contact a professional experienced with parts and equipment for motor repair. 

Problem: You hear the conveyor trying to push the metal screen forward, but the screens do not move. 

Cause and Solution: In most cases, this is caused by the chain drive system being out of place. Turn off the unit, remove any screens, and examine the chain drive to see if there are links that have become twisted in the track or if there is any damage to the links themselves. If you cannot easily get the chain back to its appropriate place, look for a tensioning screw that will allow you to add some slack. Once the chain has been realigned or repaired, tighten the tensioning screw to the manufacturer's recommendations. 

When your customers start showing up at your bakery early in the morning, the one thing they will likely expect to see more than anything is hot and fresh donuts, straight out of the fryer and dripping with sweet glaze. This is why the donut fryer that you have in your bakery kitchen is one of the most prized pieces of equipment that you have. If you are having issues with the conveyor of your bakery frying system, be sure to consult with a professional technician like K & D Factory Service Inc about any issues you cannot resolve on your own.